Royal A/C Royal Swiss Tents

The Tented Suites, of which there are, TwentyThree are pitched on a base of soothing local Jaisalmer stone. Each has an outdoor veranda, a covered living room, and a large and spacious A/C bedroom with an en suite bathroom, covering a floor area of over one thousand square feet.

Room facilities
  • 1. Luxury Camp Accommodation
  • 2. Wooden Beds
  • 3. Comfortable Indian soft cotton mattress and pillows
  • 4. Inbuilt Modern styled bathrooms
  • 5. Fresh Towels 6. Personal veranda
  • 7. Personal bonfire sittings
  • 8. 24 hour service
  • 9. Power sockets
  • 10. Eco-friendly bath amenities 11. hot & cold water